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Cheap Facials That Doesn't Work?

It may be your first facial appointment or it might be that you’re on the lookout for something lighter on your pocket. Well, whatever it may be, this article aims to shed light on why you might want to reconsider going for a cheap facial treatment.

Cheap facial treatments are actually expensive in the long run.

As you may well know, a monthly facial or at the vey least once every quarter of the year would do wonders in helping you get that young glowing skin. So it would do you much good if you make it a habit to stick to your facial appointments.

For the first timers, it would be best if you know what procedures are involved in a facial treatment so you would know what to expect. A basic facial undergoes the following steps:

(1) Skin assessment; (2) Cleansing; (3) Steaming; (4) Exfoliation; (5) Light massage; (6) Extraction; (7) Mask application; (8) Final application; (9) Take home skin care advice

Knowing the basic steps, you’re now ready to learn why you don’t want to avail of that cheap facial treatment.

No skimping

Quality facial treatments should follow the complete basic steps. Unless otherwise explained, there should be no skimping on the process.However, cheap spas or salons would most likely skimp on a process or two – like the skin assessment and final application of serums.Some spas would take extra charges for facial masks and serums which would make the treatment not cheap anymore or worse, more expensive.

A facial is one of your ‘ME’ time

Everyone will agree that going to the spa or salons are our rare ‘pamper me’ time.It’s one of our escape from the stress of our daily grind, so it should be relaxing for us.However, most cheap facial treatments would make you feel rushed taking that relaxing feeling away from you.Their main concern is to get your money, get you done fast and take another client in waiting.At , clients feel so relaxed that most likely you’ll end up snoozing during the entire process.

Quality facials from qualified hands

Getting quality facials from qualified and knowledgeable estheticians will give you guaranteed results.Why? Because a good esthetician will only do treatments that are the most suited for your skin type.They would not just give you a generic treatment, but a treatment customized for your specific need using ingredients that are suited for your skin.Unlike in other spas which offer cheap treatments where personnel might not be trained well enough.I’m sure you would not entrust the welfare of your face to someone who may fail to recognize your skin type and give you a treatment that would end up damaging your skin.

Professional aftercare advice

Good estheticians not only take care of your skin during your facial treatment appointment, but they make sure that their clients are taken cared of while in the confines of their homes by giving them professional aftercare advice.Cheap spas and salons rarely give out any advice for clients to do at home and if they do, there is a good chance that the advice is a general one and not really patterned according to what your skin needs.

Everyone deserves a break once in a while. When you do take that break, make sure that it gives you quality satisfaction. So if you decide to get a facial treatment, don’t skimp on yourself. Have one that guarantees quality treatment and service. Now, I’m not telling you to get the most expensive one you find, but something that gives the right value for your money. Book now at Loveli Skin Beauty Centre for a facial treatment that equates your hard earned money with quality and good service.

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