The Perfect Diet for Healthy Hair

Shiny, lustrous locks are all women’s (and men’s) dream crowning glory. Shampoos, conditioners, hair oils are all but superficial, working on the outside but not really doing good from the inside. Getting nutrients from the food that we eat are a sure way to nourish our skin, hair and all. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to get those gorgeous locks. What is the perfect diet for healthy hair? Here are some common foods guaranteed to give you the perfect locks you so long for. EGGS Eggs are rich in a B-vitamin called biotin. Biotin is essential to having a healthy scalp and great hair growth. Many hair products and supplements boast of having biotin as one of their ingr

Why Men Should Invest in Regular Facials

Is it true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus? True or not, in the modern age, the gap between Venus and Mars are slowly diminishing. Both men and women have a better understanding of each other’s differences and similarities. With better understanding came this simple yet amazingly profound discovery that yes, both have different needs and wants, but there is always these common grounds that both species can live in perfect harmony not just in exclusivity. Want proof? Try going to beauty salons. Where long ago these places are only filled with women, nowadays, it is not unusual for men to not only get haircuts but also manicures, pedicures, hair treatments and the likes th

Tips and Tricks for Puffy and Dark Eye Circles

The problem with not getting enough sleep, aside from feeling tired and irritable, is getting puffy eyes and the dark circles that surround it. Though there are some blessed enough to not suffer this kind of problem, there are the less fortunate ones who have to endure wearing dark shades (even when inside a poorly lit room) just to cover up the unsightliness of it. This article is for the less fortunate ones, some expert tips and tricks to take care of puffy and dark eye circles. How To Deal With Undereye Circles And Bags? Here are some true and proven tips to address these problems. The right snooze is the key Getting enough sleep is the easiest and most inexpensive way to lessen dark un

Adult Acne: What causes it and how to treat it?

Acne is not just for teenagers. In fact, many are suffering from acne in their adult years. Just when you thought that those ugly big zits are gone for good when we left our teens and 20’s, they can come back with vengeance in our adult years. Studies show that a lot of women suffer adult breakouts: 35% in their 30’s, 26% in their 40’s and 15% over 50’s. Unfortunately, the remedy that we used in our young years may not work on it anymore for the fact that our skin changes as we age. So, let us understand first what triggers these adult breakouts? Below are some of the common triggers that causes it. Extreme Stress – stress signals the body to release cortisol which makes the body produc

6 Reasons To Be Addicted To DIAMOND PEEL

All of us wants to maintain a look of young and seemingly ageless beauty. But the combination of stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle makes it hard for us to achieve this. Thanks to the advancement in technology there are now a number of skin treatments available to help us get the flawless skin we always long for, Diamond Peel procedure is one of this. So, what is a diamond peel and how does it work? Diamond peel is a kind of treatment that uses mechanical exfoliation and suction to peel off the dead skin cells, deep seated dirt including white heads and blackheads on the outermost layer of the epidermis. It is different from the standard microdermabrasion machine in terms of the cr

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