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Why acne is itchy?

Acne is a skin disease that affects almost all people. During puberty, most teenagers experience acne

and many individuals continue to suffer from acne throughout their adulthood. It's a common disorder that is caused by inflammation of the hair follicles and skin glands. The most common causes of acne are:

• sebum overproduction, an oily product that is responsible for lubrication of hair and skin.

• clogged skin pores by dirt, dead skin, and other debris

• bacterial infection

• stress

Thus, acne can be very itchy, painful, and cumbersome. So what makes it itch?

What causes acne itching?

There are many causes but the most common reason is due to friction of skin cells which is a result of clogged pores. When your skin is dry, it will become itchy naturally.

Other triggers also include:

• Allergies

• Reactions to chemicals like benzoyl peroxide

• Heat

• Sunlight or UV light

• Sweat

On a positive note, itchiness may be an indication that acne is improving. On the other hand, when it becomes so itchy it's very important to avoid the itch since this may also lead to permanent scarring, lesions, and worse, aggravated acne symptoms.

How to treat itchy acne

Here are the most common treatments of itchy acne:

• keeping your hands clean and avoid touching affected areas

• washing pimples right after they burst (use mild soap with moisturizer)

• not exposing yourself to too much sunlight

• using antihistamines to control sebum production

• taking antibiotics as prescribed

In Conclusion

Itchy acne is a disease that is painful and exceedingly common. While scratching your acne may bring short term relief, doing so may exacerbate other problems. It is best to keep your skin moisturized, clean, and safe from any abrasion. If symptoms persist better to have it checked at Loveli Skin Beauty Centre for a free skin assessment and professional help.


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