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Mascne Prevention & Treatment

Ever since the stringent lockdowns and community quarantine, wearing a mask is now a must that you may notice an increase in red bumps around your face where the mask covers. Mascne or mask acne is an inevitable problem that we may face in this pandemic.

Acne can be a problem but that doesn't mean you should stop protecting yourself from the virus. If you have a regular skincare routine and properly clean your surroundings, you should be able to minimize acne breakouts from happening.

What causes Mascne?

Like regular acne, there are varied reasons why it appears on your face: Not thoroughly washing your mask enough, washing it with a strong detergent, the mask and its materials used, and how often you wear it.

Mask keeps saliva and other droplets from getting into the air thus preventing other people from getting Covid-19, this is good in preventing the further transmission of the virus but at the same time, it traps bacteria inside your face as a result will also touch your skin. The mask creates a seal where a humid environment can develop which is beneficial to the acne-causing bacteria.

If you're not washing your mask after use, those bacteria will develop and will seep into your skin, on the other hand, washing it with harsh detergent can also cause breakouts due to a reaction with the detergent. To prevent this try using a mild detergent to see if it can help. Plus if you are prone to stress-related breakouts this Pandemic can further worsen it.

Is there a treatment for Mascne?

It is important to always wear a mask while you're outside, this prevents further transmission of the virus and we may be back to normal sooner.

If you have few masks that you can use, make sure

you switch them out and you wash them after each use if you use them for a long period. Cotton masks are the way to go since it is breathable and can be easily washed.

Disposable masks are also good but we recommend changing it every 4hours so that the bacteria cannot grow and seep into your facial skin. Avoid wearing make-up in the areas where the mask will cover. Keep your face clean and adequately moisturized to prevent further breakouts. A moisturized skin minimizes chafing and rashes.

Wash your face before and after using your mask. Use gentle cleansers that will remove oil efficiently. If you have extremely oily skin, use salicylic acid so that the excess oil and dead skin can be removed thus preventing clogged pores.

A regular visit to Loveli Skin Beauty Centre for a routine Acne treatment and maintenance facial is also a great alternative to minimize and treat mascne.

Mascne can be prevented if you follow these simple tips.

Always wear your mask and let us prevent transmission


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