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Why your GLUTA SHOTS are not working

Asian women, especially we Filipinas, are known for our morena skin due to constant exposure to the harsh tropical sun. Except maybe for those gifted with a natural fair skin (but then again I know for a fact that even they lament over the same dilemma) women from our part of the world are constantly plagued with one common problem – how to get a lasting fair skin.

Asian women, especially we Filipinas, are known for our morena skin due to constant exposure to the harsh tropical sun.

Thankfully, nowadays, there are many options on how to get lighter complexion with the flood of different whitening pills, supplements, soaps, creams, etc. However, one must be wary in using these products. Always check for product authenticity and credibility of the seller to ensure your safety.

Glutathione or gluta skin whitening is one of the more popular option because it not only whitens our skin but it also makes it achieve a healthy glow. Gluta taken orally may not give you the result you want as it is poorly absorbed in our body. Gluta administered intravenously will give you faster and more effective results, the reason why many celebrities and regular people are opting for this. Do take note, intravenous gluta must only be administered by qualified people such as the registered nurses in Loveli Skin Beauty Centre.

Though gluta shots are effective for skin lightening, you’ve got to make sure that you get the most out of those shots or else you might just not get the fair skin that you want. Here are some of the reasons why your gluta shots are not working on you.

Glutathione Depletion

High level of glutathione in our body will result to fairer skin. A depleted glutathione level will not be able to give you a lighter complexion. There are internal and external factors that affects the level of gluta in our bodies. Internal factors include the need for glutathione in our various bodily processes and external factors which are the toxic and harmful substances that require large amounts of glutathione for detoxification.

However, the highest contributors that depletes glutathione level are the external factors which include:

  • Poor diet – forces the glutathione to cover up for the insufficient antioxidants that our body needs. Also, glutathione synthesis will be impaired due to the lack of important vitamins and minerals that it needs for proper functioning.

  • Depression, anxiety and stress – emotional stress induces the free radicals in our bodies to shoot up which in turn uses up a lot of our antioxidants. If our body is low in supply of antioxidants, our glutathione reserves are used up.

  • Strenuous exercise – also produces a lot of free radicals in our bodies.

  • Pollution from light (street lights and night lights) – lowers our glutathione levels because of the suppression of melatonin production during the night.

Infrequent and Low Gluta Dosage

The tried and effective dose of gluta injections to be beneficial for skin lightening is at least 600mg up to 1200mg 2-3 times a week for a healthy person. Lower dosage and infrequent administration will not work since it will be only used up during the detoxification process.

Detoxification in Process

One main function of gluta in our bodies is detoxification. When our body needs a lot of detoxification due to exposure to pollution, carcinogens, radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and improper lifestyle – large amount of gluta introduced in our body will be put to work on the detoxification process first. If you continually expose yourself to these pollutants, then the longer the gluta will work on detoxifying your body and the longer it will take for your skin to lighten. Even if you say that you are living a healthy lifestyle, our environment still exposes us to different kind of pollutants everyday so it will still take around 3 weeks before you will notice any change on your skin of course if the right dosage and duration is also observed.

Immune System Down

Remember that skin lightening is a side effect of raised gluta. In order to gain a fairer skin, the level of gluta in your body needs to be raised. But if your immune system is weak, the gluta in your body will be depleted so it won’t be able to do its ‘lightening’ work for you.

Glutathione is not only good for our skin but first and foremost, it is good for our overall health and well-being. But we also need to do our part to keep our gluta level always raised so it can do its work. Bottom line is, us girls (and boys), need to keep ourselves healthy if we want to get that healthy white glowing skin we dream of.

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