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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest On Facials

Deep Cleansing Facial with Facial Mask

In majority, most people don't realize what's in a good facial done by a professional. As an esthetician, it is my duty to let you know what’s in it for you. Some people wait for a skin concern to be a really messy problem or attending a special event before getting a facial. Although this is OK, these problems can be easily remedied with proper monthly facials and getting the right counsel on which product to use.​

We all know that times are tough and spending on some other extraneous purchases can affect our life. However, here is a short blog on why monthly facial is a good investment for you. Our faces are always on a display and this can affect how we feel ourselves. Having the best facial right for your skin is arguably better than spending on fancy restaurants or even taking a short vacation. However, Loveli Skin’s Deep Cleansing Facials are affordable and undeniably unique since we assess your skin first and makes proper intervention on your precious face. It is also anti-aging, relaxing and comfortable.

Aside from getting relaxed and feeling beautiful, here are the 10 reasons you should come for Loveli Skin’s Deep Cleansing Facial:

1. Facials increases blood circulation under your skin and thus facilitate renewal of your skin cells. New skin cells means better blooming and radiant skin.

2. Facials aids in detoxification- by manipulating your lymphatic system under your skin it reduce puffiness, redness and fluid accumulation. Lymphatic drainage is like a facial massage but with great emphasis on your lymph nodes’ location.

3. It promotes collagen production by facial massage which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Premature aging and sagging is greatly reduced by facials.

4. Facials cleanse your pores deeper. Like your good dental regimen with a dentist, facials can remove deep seated dirt and stops acne formation while changing the pore’s size smaller.

5. Deep cleansing facials provide deeper exfoliation which smoothes the skin and allow better absorption of moisturizers and serums. It also improves skin hydration and evens your skin tone.

6. It also allows a professional esthetician to counsel you on what products to use specifically on your skin type. This is a great investment since we now have millions of skin care products claiming to be the best.

7. Facials can even skin tone and helps in lightening of dark spots. No matter how great a facial, we need sun screen or sun blocks. Dark spots age our skin’s appearance visibly.

8. Facials greatly slow down the aging process. They reduce fine lines, age spots, wrinkles because of the increased circulation after the session. Loveli Skin’s Deep Cleansing Facial can greatly help you on this.

9. Although facials are not miracles with great instant results, it is a good start for your skin and for better you. Having regular facial regimen will help you maintain beautiful skin.

10. Lastly, facials allow you to relax and feel good. They give you healing that penetrate to the soul. The power of a good esthetician, counseling on proper beauty product combined with non-rushed-facial is the key to beautiful radiant skin.

No one regretts taking care of their beautiful skin right?


You can start it today. Just click here to book online.

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