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Why Men Should Invest in Regular Facials

Is it true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus? True or not, in the modern age, the gap between Venus and Mars are slowly diminishing. Both men and women have a better understanding of each other’s differences and similarities. With better understanding came this simple yet amazingly profound discovery that yes, both have different needs and wants, but there is always these common grounds that both species can live in perfect harmony not just in exclusivity.

Want proof? Try going to beauty salons. Where long ago these places are only filled with women, nowadays, it is not unusual for men to not only get haircuts but also manicures, pedicures, hair treatments and the likes that only women get for themselves before. Women wearing ties, men wearing heels, husbands stay home while wives go to work and the list goes on.

It is no surprise that treatment spas are offering services that specifically caters to men. Loveli Skin Beauty Centre is even offering Men’s Executive Facial in acknowledgement to the fact that men too need their own regular facial time. So exactly why should men invest in regular facials? Here’s a quick rundown.

Men have larger pores and rougher skin.

Even a number of dermatologists agree that it is men who need facials the most compared to women as they have larger pores and rougher skin. Facials can minimize pores and help make face less rugged which makes shaving a breeze.

Facialists are trained to make your face blemish-free as possible.

Come on face it, men do a poor job at keeping their skin clog free and they certainly don’t spend as much time or any time at all doing the morning and nightly rituals women do to cleanse, tone and moisturize their faces. Well, good thing there are facialists who can do an intensive job for them.

Breakouts can be treated and prevented.

An aesthetician or a well-trained facialist has the know-how and tools that can properly take out any breakout that would not leave skin irritated and scarred. They can also give the proper care and treatments that would prevent future breakouts, skin tags, age spots and other skin problems from happening.

An aesthetician/facialist can give your face intensive hydration.

Even if men do take the time to moisturize their faces, they could not beat the intensive hydration that they can have from getting a regular facial. Aside from getting moisturized, your face can get the targeted care it requires by balancing out other factors like oil content so your face will come out at its best after the facial session.

Even men want smooth skin.

Hey who doesn’t want to have a smooth skin? Every facial session will leave your skin exfoliated and with the dead skin out of the picture, your skin will look fresher and younger as ever.

Free facial massage.

Almost every facial comes with a massage on the face and on the neck. The massage will improve blood flow which would clear out toxins while toning the skin and facial muscles.

It’s the best way to chillax.

With nothing to do but just lie down and let someone do wonders on your face with massages and soothing treatments that will make you become more handsome, facials are a sure fire way to get the best chillax moment and come out more confident than ever.

So come on men, get your very own facial appointment today.

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