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5 Common Misconceptions About Waxing

We’ve talked about the great benefits of waxing in my last article. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of all the good results it can possibly give you, I hope your fears for it has been completely eliminated or at least diminished. For those who still have apprehensions, let me share with you some common myths or misconceptions about waxing that might be able to help you understand it more and make you become a convert today.

Misconception #1: After waxing, your hair will grow back rougher and thicker.

The Fact: Totally FALSE. On the contrary, waxing makes the hair grow back softer and finer than before because hair is pulled out from the roots. Plus the more frequent you wax the lesser the amount of new hair will grow back. If this misconception is true, wouldn’t all the balding men use this method on their head?

Misconception #2: You can get burned with a too hot wax.

The Fact: Wax can be heated up too much but not to the point of being able to burn your skin. But skin can look burned or look scabby mostly due to effects of some medication or health issue or probably your skin was overly exfoliated prior to the waxing session. Another possible cause would be if the area is accidentally waxed twice, this could cause sensitive spots since the first protective layer of the skin is stripped off.

Misconception #3: Your hair needs to be long for waxing.

The Fact: It is true that your hair needs to be at a certain length for it to be waxed properly but it doesn’t need to be longer than ¼ inch in length for areas around the body and at least 1/8 inch along the face. Too short hair won’t adhere to the wax while too long hair will likely hurt you more.

Misconception #4: Waxing causes the skin to get wrinkles.

The Fact: This is a total lie, probably fabricated by people in the other hair removal business to sway women to avail of their services instead. Pulling the skin definitely doesn’t cause those wrinkles. Exposing your skin to the sun causes more damage to your skin than waxing could ever do. Besides, the skin is not pulled or stretched during waxing – the skin is always held firmly taut so only the hair is pulled out.

Misconception #5: No painkillers should be taken prior to waxing to avoid bad side effect.

The Fact: There is certainly no truth to this. In fact, some people who are overly sensitive are advised to take pain killers before their waxing sessions to diminish their discomfort during the actual session. However, ingesting caffeinated beverages or food is strongly recommended as caffeine causes the skin to become more sensitive than usual.

So now you have all these misconceptions explained with the facts, I hope it is enough to make up your mind and go schedule yourself a waxing appointment. At Loveli Skin Beauty Centre, they make sure that your waxing sessions are relaxing and enjoyable as can be.

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