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Injectable Glutathione is one of the most trending skin whitening solution that people can avail. There are glutathione brands tried and tested to work by many, like Saluta, Tationil and Tatiomax. But there is one brand in the market that has gained much interest to people in the whitening business, the Glutax product line. So now, let’s take a closer look at this product, a deeper look than what it says in its package.

Glutax come in many different doses such as, Glutax 3G, 3GS Advanced Cellular Whitening, 5GS Cellular Ultra Whitening, 15G Nano Revitalise-SD, 20G Supreme, 30G Infinity, 50G Nano Titanium, 100GS Inferno, 200GS Diamond Bright, 300G Gold Velocity, 500GS White Reverse up to 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8!

Just looking at the dosage indicated in each product line, it’s no wonder why it has gained so much attention especially if you put in mind that the higher the glutathione dosage, the faster will its whitening result will be. Imagine, glutathione at its pure form in 3G, 5G, 15G, 20G, 30G, 50G up to 1000G. Wow, really MEGA doses there!

But is Glutax glutathione everything it says it is? Well, there are already some experts who contest their claims. In this article, I will give you the 5 top reasons why they say that Glutax glutathione is a big SCAM!

1. Ingredients and composition, MEGA false

Glutax lab result came out with 0.25mg only!

A community of doctors say that Glutax is neither genuine nor fake.The reason?The claims on their composition and ingredients of their products are not true.

An analysis was released by PIPAC last September 2013 on Glutax 5GS.The finding says that there is only 0.25 grams of glutathione in the 5 grams of Glutax 5GS.

So the next question is, if Glutax claims to have 5 grams of glutathione and there is only 0.25 grams in the actual test, what are the other ingredients inside the vial?Is it even safe to be administered in the body?

2. Made in Italy? Nah, it’s from China.

As advertised and as it says on their packaging, Glutax is manufactured by Dermedical Skin Sciences located in Italy. But there are reports circulating that allegedly, the product is actually made from China.

3. A question about the size

If you compare the composition and the size of the vials and ampules, you will notice that there is only a slight difference on their sizes but yet, there is a huge difference in their ingredient composition.

If their claims are true, there should have been a very huge difference between the size of a 200GS vial compared to a 3GS.Even a kid will know that 200 is not equal to 3.

How come the 3gs and the 200gs have the same sizes of vials and ampoules?

How come the 3gs and the 200gs have the same sizes of vials and ampoules?

4. Suspiciously very low priced

Other Glutathione injectable set is priced somewhere from 2,000 to 3,500 in peso for dosages between 600mg to 1200mg.While a glutax glutathione with 5000mg to 6000mg is also sold at the same price range.And yet, glutax has more added ingredients that promote a fair and younger looking skin.Isn’t it suspicious that a product with more ingredients and so more power could be priced just like a regular glutathione injectable set?

5. Over the maximum dosage

As I’ve mentioned in my last article , the dose of glutathione injections to be beneficial for skin lightening is at least 600mg up to 1800mg 2-3 times a week .Dosing our body with glutathione shots way over the maximum effective dosage will only be wasteful since our body won’t be able to process it efficiently.So even if what Glutax claim about their glutathione content is true, a 200,000mg glutathione will only be as good as a 1,200mg glutathione.

Finding a product that is cheap with lots of good stuff in it sure would make us very happy.But remember, do not compromise your health with all the promise of the cheap stuff.Always be smart and go for products that have been proven safe, effective and authentic.Visit and ask Loveli Skin Beauty Centre for their glutathione shots package today.

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