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Waxing makes the skin smoother

Too often many women (and men) shy away from waxing because of the pain associated with it. That is why most would resort to other methods of hair removal like the pain-free and easy to do shaving and the a-bit-painful method of plucking. But little do people know that waxing, if done properly and correctly, can almost be pain-free.

Waxing can be used to virtually any part of the body and even on the face like the upper and lower lips, eyebrows and chin. The only areas where waxing should not be done are on the eyelashes and the insides of the nose and ears.

But, despite the commonly known pain associated with it, did you ever wonder why other people love and have converted to waxing over other less painful and quicker methods? It is because waxing comes with lots more benefits than the obvious removal of hair as follows:

1. Longer hair-free time.

The best benefit of waxing over other methods of hair removal is the slow regrowth time.Because hair is removed from the roots, the hair growth process takes a considerably longer time specially when it was done efficiently. You can be conveniently hair-free for at least 3-8 weeks! Though results may vary depending on the speed of growth for different individuals.

2. Free exfoliation.

Wax almost instantly dries as it is applied on the skin, when the hair is removed, dead skin cells also stick to it and get pulled out in the process improving your skin texture and making it more beautiful.An exfoliation in the shower before and after a wax and followed up with a moisturizing lotion can help you achieve that ultimate silky smooth and glowing skin you are longing for.

3. Goodbye skin allergies, cuts & irritations.

Shaving most often results to cuts, sores, redness and stubbles.Hair removal creams have been found out to cause allergies to many people.The skin is saved from these damaging effect as waxing does not cause any cuts, bruises or pigmentation and uses minimal chemicals in the process which give the benefit of irritation free and injury-free hair removal.

4. Hello softer & finer hair.

You may not know this but the hair that actually grows after waxing has a softer and finer quality compared to the hair that was previously removed.Frequent waxing causes the hair follicles to weaken and may, over time, cause permanent loss of hair.Many who have been waxing for a number of years find that their hair is actually growing thinner thus lessening the frequency of their wax appointments.The other plus side is you’ll get a stubble free skin compared to a day after shaving.

Having all these benefits pointed out, and you want to have the first hand feel of having a lusciously silky smooth glowing skin – why not try it at Loveli Skin Beauty Centre? Then go take a vacation or go the beach and flaunt those loveli skin now!

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