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3 Quick Tips About L-CARNITINE

Use of L-Carnitine as a fat burning supplement has been known for some time now, as manifested by the many products labeled “with added L-carnitine” out in the market. With so much weight-loss hype going on, we as consumers ought to be a bit more cautious to find out if the products we are using or plan on using does really work or is it just plain money-making hype designed to entice us to believing as such?

L-carnitine helps in metabolism

So, what is L-carnitine? L-carnitine is a building block for proteins, an essential amino acid, naturally occurring and produced in the body. This amino acid helps the body produce energy, it is significant for good brain and heart function, movement of muscles and other important body processes. With the help of L-carnitine our bodies are able to,

  1. Enhance muscle building & increase in muscle mass

  2. Boost physical performance and endurance

  3. Help the body to metabolize fats

  4. Increase energy levels

  5. Increase mental function (reports of better mental clarity on the elderly)

  6. With exercise, increase the body’s fat burning ability

  7. Increase in bone strength

  8. Lesser recovery period

  9. Lesser risk of overtraining

  10. Increase male fertility (good news for those trying to conceive!)

Moreover, scientific studies suggest of its wide range of medical benefits, like as a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and preventing heart ailments among others.

Knowing all these amazing things, here are three quick tips on how you can best benefit from supplementing with L-carnitine:

  1. Though L-carnitine can be taken orally or by injection, only through injection ensures 100% absorption and maximum use. It is best when injected intramuscularly, though to prevent scarring remember to change the injection site frequently. Make sure you get L-carnitine injections fit for human use. (Loveli Skin Beauty Centre offers authentic L-carnitine injections at a very affordable price and all injections are done by registered nurses.)

  2. To intensify results, L-carnitine should be used prior to any workout (preferably 30 minutes prior) as its effects can be felt as soon as it enters the bloodstream.

  3. L-carnitine needs insulin in order for it to be able to load effectively into the muscle. That is why it is often paired off with carbs when administered to athletes and body builders.

L-carnitine is relatively safe for most people but make sure that you bring it up with your healthcare provider first specially if you’re taking any medications or have any existing medical conditions (like thyroid problems). While it should be totally avoided with people who have had a seizure before as it is likely to cause seizures to recur.

But with all the research done on the effects of this amino acid, it is safe to say that L-carnitine can be a benefit to your overall health.

One last thing, though there can be no overdose with L-carnitine as it will simply be flushed out if it is in excess, it is better to stick to the recommended dosage (500-1500 mg per day) just so you can save yourself some money. Loveli Skin Beauty Centre can help you which slimming treatment is right for you. You may contact them at +639258880250 for consultation.

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