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As we all know, glutathione injectable is an on-going rave for those who are aiming to whiten their skin. There is actually a new way to boost glutathione in the body today, which is called IV drip. But we’ll talk about it on a later article. For now, let’s take a look at 500,000mg gluta shots. Are these effective and safe? Does an over dosage of glutathione in our body without any side-effect? Read on to know more.

There are many studies about glutathione as the best anti-oxidant. It is important that the glutathione level in our bodies remain raised and never get depleted or else it could wreak havoc in our immune system, energy level, mental focus, physical strength and muscle function – in general, it could affect our overall health.

But do we really need a 500,000mg dose in our body? It’s a big NO for the following reasons:

1. Too much of something is Bad!

Supplementing with the right dosage of glutathione could give us a whole lot of benefit.While glutathione is considered as a generally safe supplement, flooding our bloodstream with too much of it over a prolonged period of time could cause side effects such as:

A. Reduced intracellular production – flooding the bloodstream with too much glutathione may have the possibility of slowing down the natural glutathione production in our body because the cells detect the excess in our system and will thus mistake it as though there is an adequate store in our body.

B. Increased risk to sun sensitivity – as glutathione inhibits melanin synthesis it carries a potential risk for increased sensitivity to sunlight because melanin serves as a protection against ultraviolet radiation. So, too much glutathione will mean too little melanin, which will mean too much ultraviolet rays could penetrate our body.

Is 500,000mg too much?Yes, it’s way, way too much!

2. Too good to be true!

Imagine 500,000mg of glutathione in a vial.Too good to be true?Let’s find out using simple math:

1000mg = 1 gram

500,000mg =500 grams=0.5 kilogram

So, if 500,000mg is equivalent to 0.5 kilogram, how did it all fit inside that small vial?Too good to be true indeed!

3. Too much to process.

The tried and effective dosage for glutathione to work in our body is from 600mg – 2000mg for a healthy person.A proper interval of 2-3 days should be observed, especially to first time users, to allow the body to adjust and efficiently use the glutathione boost.People exposed to so much pollution and living an unhealthy lifestyle would probably need more dosage to keep their gluta levels up.But dosing with 500,00mg will be too much to process for our body in a single dosage.Of the 500,000 less than 1% of it would be used up, the remaining 99% would only be expelled from our body.Isn’t it such a waste?

4. Too fake to use!

I talked about Glutax in a separate article, where I discussed why it is a big scam.In a nutshell, it is the only brand that has a product line that ‘allegedly’ contains 500,000mg.But this brand was proven by PIPAC to only have 0.25G of glutathione against 5G as it says on its vial content

As a consumer, don’t be swayed with the big numbers and the big discounts.Always ensure your safety in using and availing of any products or services that will affect your well-being.Trust Loveli Skin Beauty Centre to give you genuine service and authentic products to promote a more lovely you.

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