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Brave the Rain with These Outdoor Workouts

It's Rain and Shine when you workout during rainy seasons!

Summer is the best time to show off our best form, what with all the swimsuits, bikinis and skimpy clothes that most prefer to sport to beat the heat of the blazing sun. It is no wonder why weeks before summer more people are going to gyms and goes on a diet to get the perfect (or as close to perfect as we can get) swimsuit body.

But summer is almost over and the rainy season is about to settle in. However, the rainy days need not stop our workout routines to maintain that perfect bod we had all summer. So I am going to give you some fun outdoor workout ideas to get you going during the rainy days.


You may think that walking is not an actual workout but it actually is the simplest and the best workout suitable for people of all ages regardless of fitness level. No equipment necessary, just a sturdy walking shoes is all. The best part? Walking is greatest when done with a friend or a loved one. Imagine walking around the park while hand in hand and sharing an umbrella with someone cherished. Picture the leaves and the flowers seeming to come alive adoring the refreshing shower from the heavens as you walk by. Or you can just throw away the umbrella and let the rain shower refresh you together. Well, pardon the imagination – a hopeless romantic here.


A pair of quality running shoes (and a good sports bra for women) is all you need to start a good jog around your neighborhood. This outdoor workout is great rain or shine. Here’s an idea to make it more fun: start with an easy jog with a friend then assign designated points in your jogging path where you could race or sprint or skip with your friend. Say ‘race you from the first bend to the next bend’ or ‘run backwards from the pole to the gate’. Take turns assigning points and commanding what to do between points.

Scarf Pulls

Another great outdoor workout that is also good as cardio and resistance training is scarf pulls. With a scarf wrapped around the waist of your partner, hold the ends tightly as they try to run around with you dragging behind. It’s a resistance workout for your partner and it is also a great workout for you as the one holding the scarf. You could also use an old towel instead of a scarf. Doesn’t it sound fun to do?

Play Outside

Another simple workout we can all agree that is certainly more enjoyable to walking is playing outdoors! Nothing beats having fun than plain and simple playing outside. You have plenty of choices for this – either go climbing and swinging on the trees or monkey bars, sliding, playing tag and many other outdoor play activities you can opt for. You’ll be surprised how sore your muscles can get from all the climbing, swinging and running around you do when you play.

There you have it. Brave the rainy days with these workout ideas. Simple. Fun.

Don’t forget to rejuvenate your skin after exposure to sun and rain!

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