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14 Foods that boost your metabolism

Metabolism is a major factor that affects weight loss. When our metabolic rate slows down, weight loss also goes downhill. So it is critical to keep our metabolic rate in hyper drive to keep weight gain at bay and ultimately help pull down that annoying needle on the scale. But did you know that metabolism is not just about weight loss? It actually affects our overall bodily functions like the ability to think, move around, breathe properly and digest food. A boosted metabolic rate will help every living being to function well and stay healthy.

The next question is how do we rev up our metabolism? Regular exercise is a sure way to help up our metabolic rate. BUT you would be amazed that there actually is a natural way to do it. How? By consuming the right kind of foods.

Before I go over my list of some metabolic boosting foods, let me just clarify one misconception many people make. Eating less or trying to starve ourselves does no good to boost our metabolism, as it actually slows it down. So eat a healthy portion and incorporate these metabolism boosting foods on your meals.


Avocados are packed with fiber and antioxidants that help kill free radicals. It is a fat burner that works 3-ways. (1) It protects the cells from free radical damage thus boosting metabolism (2) fat burning hormones functions properly with the help of the monounsaturated fats in avocados (3) it switches off our fat storing hormones.


Arginine, an amino acid, is highly concentrated in watermelons. Arginine speeds up fat loss and increases muscle mass.


Oysters are rich in zinc. Zinc is critical to the production of thyroid hormones. A defective thyroid messes up our metabolism. Six raw oysters (30mg of zinc) a day improves body mass index, blood cholesterol and weight loss.


Packed with soluble and insoluble fiber helps burn more calories, lower levels of insulin and lessens body fat storage.

Bone Broth

Rich in protein, minerals and collagen – bone broth gives a good boost to our metabolism. Collagen helps in nutrient absorption and supports healthy digestion which is important for metabolic processes in our body.

Dark Chocolate

70% cacao or higher dark chocolates aids in metabolism. Enjoy a square of dark chocolate for dessert or snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time help in burning fats. Plus chocolate is known to be a good happy pill. But don’t go overboard in nibbling this treat. Remember the rule for all sweets, less is better.


Rich in fiber, calcium and vitamin C – a combination of metabolic rate boosters. A phytonutrient found in broccoli stirs the fat cells in our bodies to burn more fat.


Capsaicin found in hot peppers are reportedly the reason for their metabolic powers. But recent studies show that the non-hot variety have the same powers as their spicy cousins.


This vegetable is packed with nutrients, curbs the appetite and eliminates bodily toxins. Leafy green veggies like kale are high in fiber and iron. It can boost fat burn by around 30%.


Protein and omega-3 are in abundance in fatty fishes like salmon. Omega-3 aids in burning fat by lowering inflammation and regulate insulin levels in the body.

Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Eating the right kind of oils help keep us satiated, speed up delivery of nutrients in our body and max up our metabolism to burn calories and help combat some diseases. You can use olive oil in your salad dressings and coconut oil for cooking.


The many spices in curry (like peppers, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric) are vital metabolic rate boosters.


Black coffee kick starts our adrenalin to signal our body to burn fat. Having coffee as a pre-workout drink is found to increase fat loss since it makes you more active and thus allowing you to train more intensely. Caution: limit coffee intake 2-3 cups daily. Too much coffee inhibits insulin regulation in the body.


Green tea, oolong tea, matcha, kola nut tea and goji tea are just some of the teas known to rev up fat loss by metabolizing fats at the same time detoxifying our body from harmful free radicals.

It is wise to remember that as with all things, moderation is the key. As important as what we eat should be how we eat and the lifestyle we live.

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