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Body Slimming Treatments Explained

Wherever you go, no matter which corner in the civilized world you are, it is most likely that you will see and hear slimming ads in billboards, magazines, tv and radio in every turn. Even the internet is flooded with such advertisements. We all know the reason for this. Almost everyone is obsessed with getting trimmer and leaner bodies. Countless slimming products and treatments are available guaranteeing to deliver such promise.

For now, let’s focus on slimming treatments that are most popular in beauty spas. What treatments to choose from, what to expect and what is done during the treatment and lastly if it is a quick fix or a permanent solution. Let’s find out together.

Electro Stimulation or Electro Therapy

The promise: Shock the fats away

The procedure: Prior to the first session, the client will undergo an initial body assessment which includes fat analysis, measuring and weighing. Basically the procedure involves attaching a machine with electrodes to the flabby parts of your body to send a low electrical current to the muscles. Agitating the cells to burn fats, release toxins and reduce cellulites. They claim that the stimulation goes deep into the muscles that may aid in toning and tightening of the skin as well as improving blood circulation in the body. Each session can last from 30-90 minutes. Several sessions are recommended over a few weeks until desired results are achieved.

Considerations: Muscle stimulation machines are best for rehabilitation as used in physical therapy. The FDA has not cleared any of it yet for weight loss or improvement of body shape and contour. Any inches lost after the treatment are generally temporary and may be due to the considerable sweat during the procedure.


The promise: Goodbye to cellulites

The procedure: This is a non-invasive slimming treatment with the combination of rolling, firm massage and sucking on the surface of the skin to lessen cellulite, eliminate fatty cells, tone the skin and improve the body contour. The skin is stimulated enough to break up the hard to eliminate cellulite deposits, excess fluids and fat cells. The duration of the treatment is about 2 to 3 times a week at 45 minutes per session until satisfactory results are achieved. Once a month sessions are needed for maintenance.

Considerations: Endermologie critics argue that the reduced cellulite appearance is simply the result of the swelling after being subjected to the rolling, kneading and suction of the skin. Patients who undergo this treatment need to increase their water intake to flush out eliminated fluids and fats from their systems. If done right, this treatment could indeed deliver and reduce the volume of fat in the body IF combined with radiofrequency or laser heat. A healthy diet coupled with regular exercise are advised to achieve best results.

Body Wraps

The promise: Squeeze the inches out

The procedure: In a heated room or bed, the patient is wrapped tightly with an elastic cloth after getting scrubbed with an exfoliant and applied with creams. Pores open up after being exfoliated, the creams provide the dehydrators and the heat make you sweat profusely to facilitate fast elimination of excess fluids.

Considerations: This is one of the quick fix treatment. And like any other quick fixes, it doesn’t really treat the problem as it does nothing to help you lose fat just some water and electrolytes. Hours after the treatment, once the effect wears off, the inches you seemingly lost will spring right back up again.

Cool Sculpting

The promise: Freeze and flush the stubborn fats away

The procedure: The fat cells under the skin are subjected to a controlled cooling applicator that gently and effectively freezes the fats until it crystalizes and then eventually dies. The dead fat cells are naturally processed in the body until it is eliminated from the system. This leaves out a more sculpted version of the treated area. The treatment period is from 4 to 6 weeks, allowing the skin on the treated area to readjust and tighten back to avoid excess skin. The treatment is recommended on stubborn fats that won’t go away even with exercise and healthy diet.

Considerations: With the intense cold, expect to feel some stinging or aching before the treated area becomes numb for a few minutes after the cooling applicator freezes the fat deposits under your skin. A vacuum is used on the applicators to draw out the fatty tissue so also expect a little tugging or a bit of mild pinching on the treated area. There are reportedly temporary side effects after the procedure which includes redness, swelling, bruising, cramping and other skin sensitivity issues that may last for a few days or weeks. This treatment is effective in reducing fats without the risk and downtime of surgical procedures.

If you’re considering getting a slimming treatment done for yourself please don’t be wary to ask questions for your safety and ease of mind. Loveli Skin Beauty Centre offers affordable non-invasive body slimming services that targets your problem areas. Visit now and get assessed on which package is best for you.

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