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Refresh and Revitalize Your Skin

None of us are immune to stress. Our jobs at work and at home and even pollution are the major contributors to the stress that we endure day after day. The amount of stress we have will induce more toxins in our body which will take its toll on our health and will show on our skin. Guess what organ is the first to be affected? None other than the largest organ in our body – the skin. Our skin will bear the first visible sign of stress. Stress and toxins are one of the major causes of pre-mature ageing. Unless you take care of it, your skin will look dull, fatigued and old.

Even if you are in your glowing best today, there would come a time when the effects of natural ageing will catch up on you. To combat the effects of stress and ageing on your skin, you need to put in some effort to help yourself. It is never too early and never too late to start.


We need to detoxify to get rid of the harmful toxins. Toxins are abundant in our environment, in the food we eat and drink. Although our body has a natural way of eliminating these toxins, our body needs extra help from us. There are many products that offers body detoxification, but you need not go anywhere to detoxify yourselves. A lifestyle change and some things available in our homes are all you need for that.

Your liver works hard to process the toxins in your body. It is therefore important to fortify it by eating healthy and avoiding anything that will harm it. Green, bitter and sulfur rich veggies are especially good for the liver.

Drink lots of water

Keeping bodies hydrated will prevent or at least minimize the skin from getting dull and tired looking. Hydrate with at least 2 liters of water daily. Stay away from caffeinated and sugary drinks or you can opt to drink warm water with lemon instead.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone and Moisturize

Keeping up with your daily skin care regimen will do wonders. Cleansing and exfoliation will remove the dirt, unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells. Toning will provide further cleansing and diminish the size of pores. Moisturizing will seal in moisture to your skin and helps to keep it elastic and vibrant. As a bonus, do an ice treatment. Just gently rub an ice cube on the face. This will improve blood circulation makes the face look brighter. Do this before toning and moisturizing.

Get regular facials

Whether you do it at home or in a spa, getting regular facial treatments will enhance the condition of your skin. Getting it done by a professional will ensure that you will get the best results. Regular facials should be done at least once a month. Visit Loveli Skin Beauty Centre to get the best facial treatment suited for your skin.

Lastly, keep a healthy lifestyle

Smoking and drinking is a big NO. Everything you’re doing to revitalize and refresh your skin will just come to naught if you do. And always get your beauty sleep each night. Our body will have optimum recovery from daily damages when we have enough sleep.

There you have it, you won’t go wrong in achieving a refreshed and revitalized skin if you follow these tips.

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