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Choosing Your Best Hair Removal Method

Maybe 7 out of 10 people have unwanted hair. Unwanted hair is common on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, legs, fingers, back, or toes. The cause of which are attributed to many factors like in the genes, hormones, polycystic ovary and side effect of medications like steroids.

There are many ways to address these unwanted hairs. Some methods do not completely stop the hair from growing back as they eventually do so. This article will show you what are the more popular methods, their pros and cons and how they generally work.


The cheapest and basically the easiest way in removing unwanted hair. This is best done on facial hair, legs or arms. The thing though is this method can cause ingrown hairs especially in the very private parts because the hair is cut at an angle. It can also leave the skin stubbly, bumpy and sometimes with bloody scratches. Worst case scenario, it can cause hyperpigmentation and scarring. Best scenario, smooth skin because the razor also provides moderate exfoliation as it removes dead skin cells.


Plucking is the best option for removing just a few hairs, like for shaping your brows or pulling out of place hair from your face or anywhere around your body. But this is a big no if you the hair you need to pull out is a big area as it will cause scarring and ingrown hairs.


These products are as good as a permanent solution to removing hair for good as the chemicals in the product dissolve the hair shaft, it dissolves hair at the skin level. But it is important that these creams are removed as indicated in the instructions or else your skin will suffer burns. Also, it is also important to remove the product thoroughly, not a touch left or the consequence will be a slow burn which really stings! Then of course, you should also make sure that you have no allergic reaction to any of the active ingredients. If unsure, try it on a small area on your body then do as directed.


Whether done at home or by a trained professional at a spa, you should know that hot waxing is pretty much painful and messy (especially if done alone). Waxing can remove the top layer of the skin, especially on the area near the brows and also if you take prescription acne creams that contain retinol, or if you are taking isotretinoin. So if you wax do it on the body since the skin is tougher there. Take note that too hot wax can also give you a burn. But the best thing about waxing is that if done properly, it could weaken hair growth. But the best part of waxing is longer hair-free time, free exfoliation, does not harm skin (if done properly) and finer and softer hair regrowth.


Threading is one method which least harms the skin as it is even much safer than tweezing. This is a traditional Indian method where they use strings in a twist pattern that pulls out unwanted hair. But this method is only great for small areas like the brows or a few out of place hairs on your face. Otherwise, it could be insanely painful threading areas like your legs.


Modern lasers are now very effective and efficient for hair removal. It is the one method which has the longer-lasting effect though it requires at least four or more treatments with at least a month apart per session. It is only effective on dark hair. The hair remains on the skin after treatment but will eventually fall off in about 4 to 8 days. And some lasers can also rejuvenate the skin with the formation of collagen.

Choosing the best hair removal method is totally up to your liking and of course budget. But so you know, you can visit Loveli Skin Beauty Centre to have a free skin assessment and they can give you a professional advice for your skin woes.

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