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Adult Acne: What causes it and how to treat it?

Acne is not just for teenagers.

Acne is not just for teenagers. In fact, many are suffering from acne in their adult years. Just when you thought that those ugly big zits are gone for good when we left our teens and 20’s, they can come back with vengeance in our adult years. Studies show that a lot of women suffer adult breakouts: 35% in their 30’s, 26% in their 40’s and 15% over 50’s. Unfortunately, the remedy that we used in our young years may not work on it anymore for the fact that our skin changes as we age.

So, let us understand first what triggers these adult breakouts? Below are some of the common triggers that causes it.

  1. Extreme Stress – stress signals the body to release cortisol which makes the body produce more pore-clogging oil.

  2. Hormone issue that affects your health – high testosterone levels or polycystic ovarian syndrome also trigger acne breakouts. Consult your doctor if you have excessive hair growth or irregular periods while having your breakouts.

  3. Going through perimenopause, or have just given birth or monthly period - Women over 33 are more likely to get premenstrual pimples than younger women are, according to one study. Oil production increases when hormone levels change.

  4. Pores have become larger – Pores stretch open when we are exposed to stress, sun and pollution. Over time they can cause our skin structure and collagen to break down which then leads to larger pores which then allows more oil to get clogged inside and ultimately cause pimples.

  5. Eating the wrong dairy product –In a 2006 Harvard report, girls who daily consumed 2 or more glasses of milk have a 20% higher risk of acne compared to those who had less than 1 glass a week. Experts hypothesize that the hormones present in these foods may be to blame. When we eat foods that wreak havoc with our hormones, the oil glands go super active, pores enlarge and come then the breakouts.

  6. Adverse effect of some medicine - Some medications including lithium, anti-seizure drugs and corticosteroids can cause acne.

Daily Skin Care

Making sure that our skin is clean everyday is very important. Here are some simple steps to follow for your daily skincare routine:

  1. Wash your face in the morning and evening – no more than 2x a day.

  2. Get a gentle cleanser and use cool or warm water

  3. Gently massage your face using your hands or a baby wash cloth for at least 30 seconds.

  4. Pat dry, do not rub your skin!

Products that curb acne breakouts

  1. Gentle cleansers

  2. Retinoid cream clears skin, restores collagen and lessens wrinkles.

  3. Products made of sulfur and benzoyle peroxide can be used for occasional spot treatment.

  4. Salicylc acid fights acne

  5. Non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic products

  6. Prescription medications such as birth control pills, antibiotic pills or prescription retinoids

  7. Light therapy

Try the Lux Acne Facial where pure blue light eliminates the bacteria (P-acnes) found on oil glands and hair follicles, which cause the growth of acne. This decreases pus formation and inflammation as seen on active acne. Such effects then diminish pain sensation and help decrease scar formation.Call us for your appointment now.

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