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What you’re doing wrong to get Slim & Sculpted Arms

Multi-joint exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and upright rows are far more effective in slimming down your arms compared to isolated exercises targeting only one area.

Have you been trying with all your might to get your arms thinner or skinnier but still having no results? You are not alone dear. Arm fat is subcutaneous which means it is lying just under the skin. This kind of fat is important in many bodily functions which includes body temperature regulation, bones and muscle padding and support for blood vessel and nerve cell function – unfortunately, this makes arm fat more difficult to lose.

The hard truth is, we just can’t wish any fat away. We need to do a lot of work to make the fat disappear and go away for good. We need to increase the amount of muscle on our arms and get rid of the fats to reveal more toned arms. You might say that you have been working out but still not getting the arms you like, well you might have been doing it all wrong.

Here’s some things that you are doing wrong to get slimmer and sculpted arms:

Doing TOO MANY isolated movements

Multi-joint exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and upright rows are far more effective in slimming down your arms compared to isolated exercises targeting only one area. These exercises fire up your shoulder and back muscles first and then the biceps and triceps muscles are automatically looped in.

You’re ONLY working your upper body

Combo moves increases calorie burn and make workouts more efficient says a celebrity fitness expert Jillian Michaels. Many people do lower-body or upper-body workouts alone when the correct thing to do is have it combined. With combined workouts, the heart rate hikes up and the metabolism is also revved up making you burn more calories even after hitting the showers.

The weights ARE NOT heavy enough

To get arm definition, you need to train with a weight that can actually stimulate your muscles and yield a training effect. Choosing a weight that you can easily do 20 reps with will get you nowhere.

Maintaining an INCORRECT posture during workout

Hunching over instead of having a neutral spine when doing planks or pushups is a big NO. Tossing weight around improperly can compromise results and get higher risk for injuries. Arching your back when doing bicep curls means that your weight is too heavy. Once you have the right resistance weight, tuck your tailbone, pull belly button in, engage your core and make sure you don’t bring your elbows in front of your rib cage.

Having a WRONG diet

One of the reasons you are not getting the definition on your arms is not eating right. Working out day in and day out but still not getting any improvement may be due to not getting enough protein from your foods. Eating your proteins within 30 minutes from your sweat session enhances nutrient absorption. Set your eyes on a lot of veggies, some healthy fats and little or no sugar and processed foods.

NEGLECTING the shoulders and back

The muscles on the shoulders and back are important muscle groups that help create the appearance of a slim and sculpted arm. The nicer the shoulder boulder the slimmer the arms appear. So on your next workout, make sure you incorporate routines that will stimulate the shoulder and back muscles.

Whether you are doing your workouts at home or at the gym, make sure to remember these things and you are on your way to getting your arms slim and sculpted, ready to be flaunted on your next vacation. Visit us at Loveli Skin Beauty Centre for our Arm Tone treatment to get your sexy arms faster.

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